Read stories below from the Santa Fe County local food community.


Harvest Angels and The Food Depot

In the fall in Northern New Mexico, branches bow under the weight of ripe, delicious food waiting to be harvested. Unfortunately, when the fruit cannot be picked, or gleaned, it often fell to the ground, wasted. Fruit rotting on the ground smells unpleasant, and attracts insects and rodents—all unwanted problems. More significantly, all of that fruit could have been used to provide a nutritious snack to people in need!   Read More »

From GMOs to a Food and Farm Plan: How It All Began

We all enjoy shopping at a farmers’ market, taking in northern New Mexico’s gorgeous vistas, and “getting crazy” on a good enchilada “green.” But like democracy, we can’t take them for granted; we have to fight for them every day. That’s why citizens, policymakers, and planners need to all get on the same page as they did with Santa Fe County’s Agriculture and Ranching Implementation Plan.   Read More »

Reunity Farm

Reunity Resources collects food waste from area schools and restaurants, then uses a simple innovative system to create high-nutrient compost, and is now expanding to operate a community farm on land regenerated by that very compost, providing access to healthy food by donating produce to local hunger efforts.   Read More »

Ampersand Sustainable Living Center

The Ampersand Sustainable Living Center is a small education institution established on the tenets of reducing fossil fuel dependency, rejuvenating the natural ecology and landscape, conserving and budgeting water, and facilitating growth and interdependency within the human community. Using only captured rainwater, Ampersand is able to grow a bounty of food for the center and for community members using soil restoration techniques that promotes both human and plant health.   Read More »

Kitchen Angels

Since 1992, Kitchen Angels has been serving residents of Santa Fe and other Northern New Mexico communities who are homebound, sick, unable to regularly purchase food, and not eligible for other meal services. To meet the nutritional demands of their clients, Kitchen Angels strives to procure the freshest products as possible. They readily accept donations from local farmers, and when they are able, they purchase directly from local farmers.   Read More »

Apogee Spirulina

Nicholas Petrovic at Apogee Spirulina has been growing spirulina in two large greenhouses since 2015 using the small-scale French artisan method he learned in France. Interns from Santa Fe Community College work with Nic to grow, extrude, and dry spirulina into “sprinkles”, which are then packaged for sale. Shoppers can eat the sprinkles by adding them to smoothies, sprinkling atop salads, or enjoying them directly from the bag.   Read More »

La Montanita Co-op

La Montanita Co-op, established in 1976, is New Mexico’s largest community-owned natural foods market. Since opening, the Co-op has grown to 17,000 families owning six stores in Albuquerque, Gallup and Santa Fe. All locations are open to the public; a membership is not required to shop. The Co-op offers local produce, prepared lunches, gifts, bulk foods, meats, cheeses and body care products.   Read More »

The AgriGate of Santa Fe County

If you’re a local producer, buyer, agricultural business or community member, your participation is integral to the success of The AgriGate. 

Join us at the table and become part of our County’s food community story.