The AgriGate of Santa Fe County cultivates connections within our local food community. We bring food producers, food buyers and community members together to buy and sell, exchange information and share resources—and to tell a few stories along the way.

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What's Happening in Our Food Community

September 18, 2020

Extra produce? Sell Here!

If you have extra produce and are interested in selling to locations such as senior centers, childcare centers, restaurants, or schools, please cut-and-paste this link: and fill out a one-minute form so that the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association can connect you with buyers.

September 21, 2020

HelpNM National Farmworkers Jobs Program

WHAT WE OFFER • On the Job Training • Work Experience • Classroom Training • Specialized Training • Emergency Assistance • Pesticide Training

If you’re a local producer, buyer, agricultural business or community member, your participation is integral to the success of The AgriGate.

Join us at the table and become part of our County’s food community story.

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