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Kitchen Angels

Kitchen Angels
Since 1992, Kitchen Angels has been serving residents of Santa Fe and other Northern New Mexico communities who are homebound, sick, unable to regularly purchase food, and not eligible for other meal services. To meet the nutritional demands of their clients, Kitchen Angels strives to procure the freshest products as possible. They readily accept donations from local farmers, and when they are able, they purchase directly from local farmers.
Kitchen Angels

1222 Siler Road
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Joe Cates
(505) 471-7780
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Purchase Capabilities

Current Food Purchased

  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Grapes
  • Greens
  • Peaches

Kitchen Angels prefers local foods since the enhanced nutritional value of such foods is better for their clients with impaired immune systems, and since local procurement supports the community economy.

Would Like to Purchase

Kitchen Angels is interested in procuring local eggs, through donation or purchase, for their meals. Additionally, Kitchen Angels is willing to take seconds, including seconds with cosmetic flaws.

Purchase Volume

Presently, Kitchen Angels purchases 75 % of their foods, and received the remaining 25% through donations. When they are able, they attempt to purchase local products. In consideration of efficiency and the dietary restrictions of their clients, Kitchen Angels is highly selective of the food products they purchase, a list that currently includes most fruits, and produce such as arugula, mixed greens, and lettuces.

Product Requirements

Washing - Not required Delivery - Drop off food at Kitchen Angels, buzzer in back Packing - Food safe packaging (paper bags or cardboard boxes) Labeling - Not required

Application Process

No application needed

Vendor Requirements

No requirements

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