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Urban Rebel Farms

Urban Rebel Farms
Urban Rebel Farms

3201 Rufina St.
Suite C.
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Urban Rebel Farms
(505) 379-8959
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Land Area
Cultivation begins with Non-GMO seed using a veganic method. A proprietary nutrient tea blend is brewed with only OMRI (organic material revue institute)-approved, plant-based inputs, The brewed tea is introduced to the microgeens through the inoculation of the media coir. There are no pesticides, chemicals, or animal byproducts used at any stage in our growing process. Urban Rebel Farms microgreens are anything but normal. They are greens with an attitude - superb for your salads, snacks, sandwiches, smoothies, and cocktails.


  • Extended Season
  • Hydroponic
  • In Transition to Organic Certification
  • Non-GMO
  • OMRI (Organic Material Revue Institute)
  • Veganic

What We Produce

  • Greens

Urban Rebel Farms is a locally owned, veganic, vertical farm specializing in microgreens (edible young herbs, vegetables, and grains), located in Midtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. Established in December of 2016, Urban Rebel Farms is focused on quality and reliability, with a deep commitment to always move toward greater sustainability.

What We Do With Our Products

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Where to Find Our Products

Urban Rebel Farms currently delivers over 30 varieties of living, small and large, trays to businesses located in New Mexico, Monday thru Friday, Saturday and Sunday upon special request.

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