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Southwest Mushrooms

1069 Highland Way
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Stephanie Dukette
(505) 231-5847
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Land Area
I have several small buildings that are heated and equipped with air systems that I grow the mushrooms in and other buildings that I incubate the mushroom bags in and a small facility to sterilize all my substrates and do my inoculations.


  • Extended Season

What We Produce

  • Mushrooms

I’ve been growing mushrooms in Santa Fe using our local resources such as Aspen from the mountains for about 15 years I mainly grow shiitake’s for the farmers market and restaurants but in the last two years I’ve been expanding and developing my medicinal tinctures and capsules/loose powders. I love the challenge of growing mushrooms.

What We Do With Our Products

I sell directly to customers at the farmers market and I use squash blossom to distribute my mushrooms to restaurants in Santa Fe occasionally I also participate in the Santa Fe farmers market CSA. My website lists all my medicinal products.

Where to Find Our Products, La Montañita Coop (Santa Fe and Nob hill) And the farmers market (Currently suspending visits there but we are still offering home delivery)

Resources We Need

Connecting with consumers who want to buy fresh shiitake mushrooms or any of the medicinal products I offer.

Additional Info

Everything is sourced locally we gather the Aspen from the mountains and we also use sawdust from hardwood cabinet and furniture makers in Albuquerque the other ingredient is organic wheat bran from La Montañita co-op And well water we get our cultures from Paul Stamets we grow shiitake, Reishi, turkey tail, lions mane and occasionally oysters. We also make tinctures out of Chaga that we procure from the Yukon.

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