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Santa Fe Urban Permaculture Network

713 Don Diego Ct
Santa Fe, NM 87505

James R. Martin
(505) 570-7319

Both Agricultural Resources and Food Access

What We Offer

  • Agricultural internships/mentorship
  • Technical support
  • Trainings/educational services

Whether you are enthusiastic about permaculture or have never heard of it, you might like to explore the emerging Santa Fe Urban Permaculture Network, which is seeking to encourage, support and nurture local food production right here in the city, whether it be in backyards, front yards or small plots of open spaces in the nooks and crannies of Santa Fe's neighborhoods. One of the plans for emerging groups in the Network is to connect those with gardening space with those without, while also connecting those with knowledge, skills, tools, etc., with those without. So a lot of us in the Network will be sharing and cooperating in order to empower, educate and liberate one another to grow our own food in our neighborhoods. But others may choose simply to work their own garden in their backyard as a family or individual. And that's fine, too. The Network is open to all kinds of involvement and activities which both create supportive community and facilitate local food production.

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The AgriGate of Santa Fe County

If you’re a local producer, buyer, agricultural business or community member, your participation is integral to the success of The AgriGate. 

Join us at the table and become part of our County’s food community story.