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Santa Fe County Economic Development

Santa Fe County Economic Development

100 Catron Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Alex Fitzgerald
(505) 986-6349
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What We Offer

  • Business planning
  • Financial support
  • Trainings/educational services

Santa Fe County Economic Development seeks to improve the quality of life for all residents within Santa Fe County. A primary way the Economic Division seeks to accomplish this goal is by supporting and promoting local agriculture within the region with the intent of creating a robust and resilient food system in the region. This goal is tied directly to the deep historical roots of agriculture within Santa Fe County. The Santa Fe area has a strong tie to traditional agricultural products and practices, many of which have influenced the way of life and contributed to the uniqueness and authenticity of Santa Fe County. Sustaining, supporting, and growing a healthy, local food system will foster community, enrich and enhance local culture, provide public health benefits, reduce environmental impact, and create economic opportunity for the residents of Santa Fe County.

We Assist

All Santa Fe County businesses, farmers, and residents

The Process

Contact the Economic Development Division at 505-986-6349

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The AgriGate of Santa Fe County

If you’re a local producer, buyer, agricultural business or community member, your participation is integral to the success of The AgriGate. 

Join us at the table and become part of our County’s food community story.