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Salvation Army

Salvation Army

525 W Alameda St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

LT Immanuel Beeson
(562) 618-5055
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Food Access

What We Offer

  • Distribution
  • Food Assistance Programs
  • Food Bank/pantry

Salvation Army is currently serving a hot breakfast to 30-40 (mostly homeless) individuals M-F and one boxed lunch per week at the W. Alameda branch. We have capacity beyond this current scope as well as a fairly good communication network that reaches people traditionally hard to contact. We have a good-sized walk-in and freezer space and a large room that could be used for dry-goods storage and packaging. We feel we could move to breakfast and lunch (no-contact distribution) 5 days per week for about 100-150 with two extra helpers. We also have facilities for people to shower and do laundry and can help paying for utilities.

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