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Rey Romero Farms of La Cienega

Rey Romero Farms of La Cienega

28 La Mesita Del Rey
La Cienega, NM 87507

Robert R Romero
(505) 629-8847

Farm, Ranch

Land Area
30 acres and 1500 acres leased


  • Cage free/free range
  • Grass fed

What We Produce

  • Beef
  • Chile
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes

My family has a long tradition of farming ranching and gardening that has been passed down through many generations and is based on Acequia culture which origins can be traced back through history to Spain which was brought here during the colonization of the Americas. We grow food primarily to eat and mainly out of tradition. We grow a variety of different fruits and vegetables along with many different types of livestock over the years but primarily red and green chili along with cattle is what we grow and raise the most of.

What We Do With Our Products

We primarily eat what we grow and sell surplus to maintain ranch and farm infrastructure. We also donate excess that we are unable to preserve or sell to those in need or friends and family.

Where to Find Our Products

We sell at the Santa Fe farmers market on Saturdays located at the Santa Fe Railyard they can also find them on the ranch by contacting us they can come down and pick their own produce. Most life stock is sold at auction when prices are premium or when feed is in short supply.

Resources We Need

Mainly water

Additional Info

We are in need of water with continuous development and unpredictable drought it is getting harder and harder to maintain our traditional practices without the once abundant availability from our naturally flowing Springs we will soon need to look elsewhere for a more reliable supply.

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