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137 San Marcos Loop
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Garrett Delgado
(310) 947-4481
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Land Area
Our wild caught sustainable seafood product do not use land, but the pristine waters off of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.


  • Non-GMO

What We Produce

  • Fish

OneForNeptune is changing the food industry with healthy, high-protein snack foods made from sustainable seafood products. We have developed tasty jerkies from premium-quality, undervalued, and underutilized white fish that is traceable to clean, small-scale US West Coast fisheries.

What We Do With Our Products

We make shelf stable fish products to reduce food waste throughout the supply chain.

Where to Find Our Products

We can be found on our website,, as well as on Amazon.

Resources We Need

We look to grow our involvement in our community. To learn from and to share from common and different experiences.

Additional Info

We would love to donate our jerkies to the local community, especially to those who may not have had the opportunities to taste ocean fish. We offer a product that gets people from all backgrounds excited about eating sustainably sourced fish.

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