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Nepantla Farms

Nepantla Farms
Nepantla Farms

8933 Guadalupe Trail NW
Alameda, NM 87114

Sean Ludden
(505) 235-9082
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Land Area
With over 2 acres of valley soil to grow a wide variety of botanicals, we look forward to expanding our production in years to come. Like fresh produce, many of our herbs are only available freshly harvested in short windows when their constituents are in peak strength.


  • Permaculture
  • Pollinator friendly
  • Regenerative
  • Water Conservation
  • Work Share/Volunteers

What We Produce

  • Herbs

The health of our communities begins with the food we eat, but doesn't end there. Beyond the nutritious and nourishing value of organic produce is our need for medicine, tranquility, woman's health and tasty teas. Our day to day coughs and colds. our bodies and our spirits can be nurtured back to health with medicine grown right here in Central New Mexico. Join us in the transformation. From industrialized health products to the bounty of locally produced herbs, from high input and destructive monocrop agriculture to regenerative polycultures, from our farm to your family and home. Take some time to learn more about Nepantla Farms. Welcome!

What We Do With Our Products

We sell our products and use our farm to help train future farmers.

Where to Find Our Products

Contact us on our website or through email!

Additional Info

Regenerative Agriculture - A SYSTEM OF FARMING PRINCIPLES AND METHODS WHICH INCREASE BIODIVERSITY, ENRICHES SOILS, IMPROVES WATERSHEDS, AND ENHANCES ECOSYSTEM SERVICES. ON FARM PRACTICES: Trees - native, edible, shade producing, wildlife habitat, nitrogen fixing... the list goes on and on for beneficial services agroforestry can provide farms and their communities. Since 2014 Nepantla Farms has planted over 100 native and edible trees on our farm representing over 12 different species. Perennial medicinal herbs aren't just easier on the farmer and assistance for our ailments, they hold soil together, provide pollinator forage, and reduce tillage needs for annual cropping systems. Soil cover, mulches, cover crops and reduced tillage events help keep topsoil in place and organic matter in the soil where it belongs - also known as sequestration. Our method of using Acequia irrigation and strip-tillage results in 50% reduction in tillage over other production methods Water stewardship couldn't be more of a priority in a valley with less than 8" of rain annually and over 100 days over 86 degrees. Using rainwater catchment, drought tolerant planting systems, soil cover, surface water irrigation rights, drip irrigation and perennial plantings we conserve the amount of water we use, while overall replenishing our aquifer through recharge. Water is life, and on desert farms it's the one limitation by which all other decisions are made! More animals and less machinery. Microbes are the basis for healthy soil and it's ability to hold carbon. With animals, the fields are inoculated with every rotation. Using less non-renewable energy reduces the farm's carbon footprint and increases soil quality instead of compromising it. Solar Photovoltaic Panels power the propagation greenhouse operation and drying shed, furthering Nepantla Farm's commitment to a clean energy future No biocides are used on the farm - biodiversity means just that, a broad expression of life

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