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El Camino Real Vineyard

A three acre vineyard nestled in La Cienega, the El Camino Real Vineyard is a hobby endeavor managed by Noah Berke. About 75 percent of the vineyard is planted in red Noiret grapes, the rest in white Traminette grapes. Both are hardy, versatile hybrids ideal for high elevations and arid climates.

La Cienega, NM 87507

Noah Berke
(505) 629-9705


Land Area
The vineyard is composed of three acres of vines.


  • Pollinator friendly
  • Water Conservation

What We Produce

  • Grapes

Running my grandparent's family vineyard, I believe that by investing in our food community, we’re supporting our friends, our neighbors, our local economy. Ultimately, that has a multiplier effect. It’s setting up a framework for the future.

What We Do With Our Products

Noah gives away much of his harvest, keeping only 25 or 30 percent to bottle himself.

Where to Find Our Products

Noah may have product available for hobby wine makers, and individuals can enjoy his grapes at the El Rancho de Las Golondrinas harvest festival.

Additional Info

Noah's operation is organic, and free of pesticides and herbicides. He relies on drip irrigation, both for its precision and to prevent evaporation loss. And he plans to introduce rye grass as a cover crop, which will naturally enrich the soil, manage weeds, control erosion and attract bees.

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